A Dutch cyborg can pay by scanning their hands

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Ready for a story straight out of a science fiction book? Dutch businessman Martijn Wismeijer filled in each of their hands chips containing virtual money that can be paid via the internet.

Start at the beginning. The best way to sum up the term Bitcoin for those who are not familiar with it, is a currency not backed by any government but nevertheless is used with increasing frequency to perform transactions over internet. For this, each user has an electronic portfolio consisting of an arbitrary number of cryptographic keys and generates an address that receives and transmits the negotiations, so that their owners can stay in complete anonymity.

The operation of this coin is due to a process called mining, in which blocks are generated approximately every two weeks produced so that there is always a limited number of bitcoins available.

Now the second part of the story. Aware of the risks of his virtual money be robbed, dutchman entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer had surgery to implant into the hands among thumb and index finger a couple of chips on which stored their wealth. To make payments, the user of this particular wallet have to scan their hands.

The story is true, can see it in its original source, and would be the delight of a cyberpunk author. A tangible proof that science fiction stories of our childhood begin to come true.



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