A small launcher giant in functionality

Author: BobGames / Publish: 29/10/14 / Comments: 0


With the customization options that Android offers its users, it is not uncommon for new alternatives out every day and that services remain under obligation to their clients to stay current through improvements and recurring updates.

So isn`t strange that one of the most complete launcher currently occupy less than 2 MB, making it one of the smallest of today offer: this is Zero, whose promos advertised as “the smallest 3D launcher, more faster and more attractive. ”

Our friends from Andro4all (@andro4all) was given the task of examining it, and we decided to replicate their research, becausewe really believe it’s a very interesting option to release much of the memory of our device, we can serve house apps or games of interest.

First, it offers many free themes that look really good on screen. But besides the great functionality that has made ​​typing on the screen, allowing us to stand out:

-Change icons theme

-Add new widgets

-Choose applications

-Change wallpaper or transition effect between screens (3D or classic)

Apart from this, if you give two quick touches on a blank area of ​​the screen you can lock your phone. And if you add the fact that you can clear the RAM with a single tap, you can note the facility that has this launcher, available free for Android 4.0 and later versions.



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