A tribute to the most famous plumber in the world

Author: BobGames / Publish: 25/11/14 / Comments: 0

No doubt the most recognizable figure of video games is Mario Bros. The character, born of Nintendo’s headquarters in 1981 as a minor character from the classic Donkey Kong, receive support from the Japanese company to star in their own titles since 1983, with each delivery conquering the hearts of gamers.

While most consoles produced by the firm would reach the hands of users with a free copy of the new adventures of the plumber, is impossible to deny the quality of each component of its games as well as its high level of fun fixed by the manufacturer of consoles, which was the standard expected from external content providers: Mario Bros has traditionally been so good that the free delivery of each of its games by purchasing the device is received as a precious gift, not so much as a plus.

To celebrate his career the specialized gaming site IGN has developed a virtual museum with the character. Open to the general public to be totally free, and interactive-which guarantees the recreation of the game experience-.



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