Adobe buys Aviary

Author: BobGames / Publish: 23/09/14 / Comments: 0


The market shows apps increasingly more dynamic. We recently knew of acquisition by Microsoft of the popular game Minecraft-a story that does not sit well with a segment of gamers around the world-, and today it became official purchasing Aviary, the photo editing application, now it will be part of the portfolio of the giant Adobe.

The interests behind this operation are not difficult to trace: with over 100 million downloads, Aviary has become one of the jewels of the option market for mobile devices. Meanwhile the app will benefit in the facilities new headquarters grant it, including housing projects users in their cloud and components aimed at developers, with a high potential to integrate into their programs star such as Photoshop.

However attractive Aviary lie in its technology, that made ​​compatible with the SDK for service Adobe Creative Cloud, whose beta release is expected in the coming months, whit which would seek to win ubiquity to be present on mobiles.



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