Android tries with several screens

Author: BobGames / Publish: 9/10/14 / Comments: 0


Some studies have proven the capacity acquisition increasingly developed by digital users, performing different tasks simultaneously receive multiple channels or stimuli. In this skill has been called multitasking, a concept brought the world of computers and defines the same property that allows us to listen to music on our computer while browsing the internet and load a video.

This behavior-more usual for recent generations for pre these- seems to be forcing handset manufacturers to modify and improve the chances of these teams. So it’s not surprising that Google is found advancing a version of Android that would divide the screen to make some more practical procedures.

With this tool the user can perform more than one operation at a time, instead of having to close the first to enter a second, transfer files from one to another, and even choose the size of each window to give priority the most important. The details of how this would work and what would design this new interface are still unknown, but it is known that the user could drag the application you want to use from a menu of recent visits to the center screen.




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