At 22, star of video games is retired

Author: BobGames / Publish: 14/11/14 / Comments: 0


22 years and retired. Is the useful life of a professional gamer? It may seem exaggerated, but the star of the video game tournaments in China Wei-Dong Han has been argued his decision to leave the tournaments at an age traditionally individuals are starting their working lives.

Among the arguments is the fact that to stay “in shape” practiced a daily average of 20 hours a day in front of consoles, leaving him just four hours of sleep, thus affecting their personal and social life, although this work amounted to receive up to four thousand dollars a month.

But his short career has left a “plus”, since now dedicated to broadcast their games while describes it -with said to an audience of 100,000 viewers each-thanks to a contract with the Internet TV platform Zhanqi that will pay him $ 800,000 annually.

The gamer has competed in the ‘League of Legends’ and is a member of the Chinese team World Elite. (How many times my mom told me to turn off the X-Box to be someone in life …)



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