Cardboard glasses for virtual reality

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If a trend has become popular in recent years in the world, that should be the DIY or Do It Yourself. An idea born from the womb of countercultural movements as a way of protest against consumerism, becoming a principle of life in which you prefer to create your own solutions than buy it.

That was how the punk, hardcore and indie concocted their own clothing and instruments. This attitude was expanded to wider circles, and was the advent of social networks like Pinterest -with its galleries of furniture made from pallets and gardens bottles recycling- it turned into a trend, something that its creators should not feeling very satisfied.

Far from the ethical discussion about what it would mean the DIY, there is no doubt that also represents the solution for vulnerable communities with few options to get close to the facilities provided by technology, and as a result of this position, born experiments as the Cardboard VR, the virtual reality glasses developed by a Google employee within the software giant program for its staff use 20% of their working time in taking forward their own initiatives.

With this alternative, the options developed in this area -in applications like Google Earth- may be available to people who don’t have the purchasing power to get another expensive device, so it is expected that the income is guaranteed for developers of future initiatives, as is told by

The glasses only require corrugated cardboard, a pair of glasses and magnets, velcro and rubber bands. And dedication so they can be assembled, like a science project (the planes are unloaded here). Or you can buy ready-made for less than $ 25 here.



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