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Color has disappeared from all the world! There’s only one thing that can be done in this sheep game: throwing colored angry sheep to buildings to paint them.

Color has disappeared mysteriously. The world is devoid of all emotion and now is lost in a silent chaos. The only hope is to restore all color. Grab your sheep, travel to distant islands and paint all the buildings the color they used to be. During your journey you might uncover the mystery behind the color disappearance.

Your goal is to paint the buildings the color they used to be. To do it so you throw colored sheep to them.

Mix primary colors to get other colors, so you have to throw a yellow sheep to a red building to paint it orange.

To fulfill your journey, you’ll have four sheep types available, each with different behavior:

  • Just-a-sheep
  • Bouncy sheep
  • Color copy sheep
  • Thief sheep

Use your slingshot skill to aim at the buildings, select the best sheep for the job and recover the color in this color puzzle painting game.


  • Recover the buildings color in every level.
  • Throw colored sheep to paint the buildings with your slingshot skills.
  • Use four different sheep types: just-a-sheep, bouncy sheep, color copy sheep and thief sheep.
  • Combine colors and get new ones.






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Run Postman Run

Run and jump in a complex steampunk city to deliver letters while surviving hordes of vicious dogs using non-lethal weaponry and awesome abilities!

The objective of this game is simple: reach the end of the level without dying. But if you want to access more routes you may have to return and complete some challenges like deliver all letters in the route or find the exit before a given time. Do you consider yourself a fine player? Try to complete all the challenges, we assure you it’s not easy task.

Run Postman Run is the latest game from Bob Games, it’s a platformer where you play as a postman whose duty is to deliver letters. It’s not an easy task since the delivery routes can be very intricate and full of dangers, fortunately, the postman office provides you with the latest letter delivery technology.

This technology includes non-lethal weaponry and support equipment specifically built to survive in a city full of ferocious dogs. As you advance through the delivery routes and become a more skilled postman you will be able to use a tranquilizer gun, a grappler gun, teleporters, smoke bombs, and other awesome stuff, including a cat thrower you can use to distract the dogs chasing you.

You will also unlock special abilities such as double jump and dash, these abilities will help you to survive and fulfill your duty as a postman.

What are you waiting for? Those letters won’t get delivered by themselves! Unless an auto delivering robo system service is contracted by the client, but this is a very expensive service and unavailable for most people. So go and deliver those letters!


  • Run and jump in a complex steampunk city.
  • Survive hordes of vicious dogs with awesome technology.
  • Unlock new abilities and weapons to improve your chance of survival.
  • Deliver letters to access new routes.

Run Postman Run is right now on Steam greenlight! Help us get there:



Comes back the battle for the heights

Bob Press – Manoville
Soon will begin the tournament most expected by the fans of combats, with the start of the IVDCCLIV Air Games of Manotas Community, an event that has been waited for five years after that his current champion and winner of six times in jousting , Otto Manotas, would decide to retire at the top of his career.
The fans are waiting in this edition, watch hot clashes among the most opted to inherit the crown. In a corner is Billy Manotas, who arrive preceded by his permanent triumphs in the lower divisions and has become in the favourite of the public for his controversial declarations about the rest of the players.

Another big surprise could be Sarah Manotas, who has received a wide popularity because her apparitions in the modeling world and be the friendly and pretty face of several sponsors. Breathing down on her neck could be Jenny Manotas, the golden girl of Air Games, and who was retired a couple of years for an injury that looks now like a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, you can´t ignore the presence of Johnny Manotas, the most strong contender and the symbol of roughness and speed. BM7 hasn’t won the award yet, but many presages that the luck may be in your side this year, due his strong training that makes him one of the most hard candidates for this millenarian championship.

To get the gold, the four contenders are working in their training with their pets, which has become in a lethal weapon for every of them and with what they aspire to make a name for themselves in the annals of this sport.

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A long time ago, the battle between beloved king Mesky and the dark sorcerer Maskon resulted in the king’s legendary golden mask being broken in four pieces. Now the world struggles in the darkness waiting for a new leader.

As Masky, a king Mesky’s descendant and adventurer, your task is to set in a relic quest to recover the four pieces of the golden mask and be the king the world needs.

Run and jump in your platform 2D relic quest game in different world locations to recover the lost mask. Journey to the Kunga jungle, reach the legendary heights of Gown-Chi mountains, travel to the freezing lands to the north of the lost kingdom and conquer the desolate sands of the eternal desert of Khair.

The quest won’t be easy, but the world needs the golden mask, the world needs a new king, the world needs you.



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