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Digital animation is really important for games and is something you shouldn’t take lightly, a misstep and your character will look like he/she is having a spasm and not doing a subtle look around for an idle cycle.

Although digital 2D and 3D animation techniques share the same principles, in the practice they can be quite different, there are even specialized software packages for each. Usually digital (that is, no traditional frame per frame drawings) 2D animation relies on vectors while 3D animation relies in polygons.

2D software like toon boom uses a technique called cutout, where the character or puppet is made up by a hierarchy of vector objects like a foot, an eye, the mouth, an ear, etc; whereas 3D software uses a geometry controlled by a hierarchy of bones.

You can make cutout animation in a 3D package with some limitations, and that’s what we decided to do in the first prototypes for Run Postman Run. Why? Because we already felt comfortable with Blender, the 3D package we’ve been using for years. We felt it wasn’t worth to start using a 2D package when we could get similar results with Blender. Besides, we can’t afford to pay for an expensive software license, specially if we’re not sure if we’re using it again.

For the first prototype there were going to be three different ages with their respective postman and dog: prehistoric, present and future. The design for all three postmen and dogs was going to be very similar, so we could reuse the animations (at least partially). carteros-perros

After having the final designs, the next step is to separate them in the parts that are going to move. partesConRef

In the 3D software (blender for us) each part corresponds to a plane with the image mapped on it. screenBlender1

Finally, a bone system is created to control the animation. screenBlender2

This rig may be more difficult to set up than a 2D rig, but allows us to take advantage of all Blender animation features, even the possibility of combining 2D and 3D animated objects. One of the greatest advantages of this approach was that reusing the animation for the other two postmen was really easy, we just had to change the parts and make adjustments to each animation, way faster than animating each action from scratch.

Once finished, the animation is exported in frames, this is one of the cycles created for the prototype, for when the dog bites the postman:


here is the final result, a sequence of all the actions:

PerroPrehistoria  Cartero03

Perro Cartero01

PerroFuturo Cartero02


The project then took a very different direction, instead of an always running cartoon postman, the setting was going to be a steampunk city full of dogs, not just one. The postman was going to move like a ninja and use skills and crazy weaponry. The game mechanics were still 2D, but the postman and dogs were going to be 3D and rendered in real time instead of exported image sets.

Now we had to animate the postman as a 3D model and export it to the engine. The complexity of the animation incremented dramatically, from 7 actions in the 2D version to 27 in this one (if you look closely the image the actions list can be seen at the left side).


The setup now is a lot more complex, particularly for some actions like when he’s hanging from a wire using his hands or when he grabs his flute from his backpack and put it there again, since these actions require multiple bones IK/FK switching.

Other actions, like the run cycle, are way easier to animate.




Other parts of the rig used simpler bone constraints to achieve different effects, for example; if you see at the postman design you’ll realize his shirt is so long the part under its belt moves freely. We needed this part of his shirt to partially respond to the hip and the lower back movement. You can see part of the rig in the image below:


Well, that’s it. That covers a lot of our rigging/animation work in a very, very, superficial way. Hope you enjoyed. If you have some question just contact us sending a mail to


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Manotas papercraft model

Hi there!

Everyone love papercraft models, they’re cute and awesome!

Well, just because we know you like them, we have a gift for you: a papercraft model for the main character of Manotas, our first ever game!

Do you know what’s the best part? It’s free!! Just download, print and enjoy!

Do you know what else is free and awesome? Our game manotas! you can download it for Android and ios!

Just print it and enjoy with your papercraft skills!

Just print and enjoy!


Run Postman Run: Evolving the concept – Dogs and city

Recently we talked about the evolution of the design of our main character, the postman. That post wouldn’t complete if we don’t mention the evolution of the other aspects of the game visuals, so now we’ll cover the dogs and the city.

If you want the full story I urge you to read the first part where we talk about the postman, it will give you a broader sense of the designs, though it’s not really necessary, the really important thing here is that you enjoy :)


The first concepts of the game outlined a game where a postman never stops from running and has to jump and roll to prevent a dog from reaching him.

The project designs went through different transformations during the evolution of the project:

At the beginning we were aiming to create a game with pixelated graphics, we had advanced in the concept quite a bit, we had some tilesets ready and we even had some levels constructed.

We started with an elaborated sketch with everything we wanted and then we figured out the tiles that were going to work. After that we made a tileset and then a complete demo level.

Sketches for levels set on the present

Sketches for levels set on the present


Sketches for prehistoric levels

Sketches for prehistoric levels


Tiles for prehistoric and present levels

Tiles for prehistoric and present levels


Assets for levels set in the present

Assets for levels set in the present


Demo level made with the tiles and assets

Demo level made with the tiles and assets


Some assets for prehistoric levels

Some assets for prehistoric levels


Some assets for futuristic levels

Some assets for futuristic levels


This was the moment when we decided to rethink the project with the help of government funding. We were able to explore other styles:




Then, with the steampunk style we finally found the style we were looking for.


City sketches for the final designs

City sketches for the final designs


Final city designs

Final city designs



The dogs have also changed a lot during the development process of Run Postman Run. Here there are some sketches of the design process for the dog:

Initial character development sketches for the dog

Initial character development sketches for the dog


First character study for the dog

First character study for the dog


Sketches for the development of the futuristic dog

Sketches for the development of the futuristic dog


Character sheet for the dog, used for planning the cutout animation

Character sheet for the dog, used for planning the cutout animation


The dog in different ages: prehistoric, present and future

The dog in different ages: prehistoric, present and future

When we decided to keep a steampunk aesthetic we thought a realistic approach was going to work better, so we made a list of the breeds that were going to be present in the game and started to work in them:

Dog breeds present in the final game, character development and style sketches

Dog breeds present in the final game, character development and style sketches

You can read here about the dogs that made it to the final version of the game.

So that’s it, that’s how we got the final designs for the game, we hope you enjoyed the ride.

Don’t forget to see more sketches in the gallery below.

Run Postman Run is right now on Steam greenlight! Help us get there:


Run Postman Run: Weapons and abilities

As a Postman in the universe of our game, it’s necessary to face terrible threats to fulfill your duty. While most of this threats will be the vicious dogs chasing you to get a piece of you, they won’t be the only ones.

The city where you work is a big and complex one, you’ll have to jump your way through huge buildings, floating neighborhoods, hot-air balloons, zeppelins and more; a bad jump and you’ll find yourself falling directly to the floor. A postman job is certainly a dangerous one.

But not all is lost, the postmen agency will equip you with the latest technology to make your life easier, or at least less difficult. These is the abilities and equipment you’ll be able to use once you unlock them:


Abilities are special movements you will learn and that will be available at any moment. Some of them spend stamina after being used.

The stamina will recharge by itself when you stand still.




This ability will push you further to gain advantage over your persecutors. Watch out your stamina.


Double jump


One of my favorites, and will undoubtedly be one of your favorites too. As the name suggests, it will allow you to make a second jump in midair. This ability uses stamina, so be careful.


Wire hanging


This ability will let you use wires on some levels as a mean of transportation. Dogs won’t be able to follow you.


Cat grabbing


There’s only one thing dogs hate even more than postmen, and that is a cat. You can take advantage of this by grabbing a cat and throw it backward when running past one of them in some routes. Of course, you first need to unlock this ability.


Power dash


This ability will allow you to break some walls using the Dash ability on them. That simple.



As a postman, you can use devices to make your duty easier. These devices can be non-lethal weapons to distract or sleep dogs or support equipment like a teleporter.

Ammunition for these devices are available on sale at agency’s offices or in the red phone booths located through the routes.

You can have two devices equipped at the same time, you can change the equipment from inside a phone booth or outside a route.


Portable CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)


A lot of postmen have died fulfilling their duty in this city. That’s why the agency created the portable CPR, this item will give electric shocks to your chest until your heart starts beating again.


Cat thrower


Somehow the agency found a way to safely keep some cats contained until needed by the postman to distract dogs. This equipment will throw a cat forward and will make most dogs to chase it.

You can buy additional cats or you can collect them with the Cat grabbing ability.


Tranquilizer gun


The quintessential equipment for today’s postmen. Will allow you to sleep a dog and will give you time to escape unharmed.


Grappler gun


This equipment will make you feel like a real ninja. You’ll be able to use hooks in the routes to access high places.


Smoke bomb


Used by japanese postmen for centuries, this equipment will create a smoke cloud that will distract your enemies.


Sleeping bomb


This equipment will create a cloud that will make asleep every dog that breaths it.




Inspired by arabian tales, this flute generates sound waves that makes dogs sleepy. Similar to the effect of math teachers speech on children. It may look like magic, but it isn’t. It’s science!




To use this equipment you’ll have to leave a beacon somewhere on the route, when you use it again you’ll be transported immediately to the beacon location.

This device will create an exact copy of the actual you and will painfully eliminate the old one. The best part is that you won’t notice it at all!




With this device equipped you will be invisible to most dogs. The most intelligent may notice you because of your scent. A bit late to realize you needed a shower.

Run Postman Run is right now on Steam greenlight! Help us get there:


Run Postman Run: Evolving the concept – The Postman

We have been developing Run Postman Run for more than two years now and is a little weird to look back and see how the concept has evolved.

The original idea was simple: a game about a postman delivering letters while is chased by a dog, the art was aimed to be cartoony at the beginning of the production. This cartoony style survived for a few months.

This was the first character study for the game protagonist: the postman, we always pictured him as a non athletic dude running from a dog with huge effort:


Here you can see a more detailed study of one of the styles that better resonated with our concept and tastes, the postman moves for the game at that time were going to be running, jumping and rolling:


We also wanted to explore the concept of a postmen legacy, running from dogs for generations in different ages. So we started to explore the postman in a prehistoric and a futuristic age:



We finally decided for an unified design for the three ages. We wanted the game to look and feel like an 8 bit game, so we opted for a more pixelated option, and we changed the look of the postman to make the animation process easier and more effective, besides, when he was rolling, he was supposed to fit into smaller places so we decide to not to use the spherical design and chose a more humanly shape.


After advancing so much, we had to halt the development because of money issues and other client related stuff we had committed to do (we have survived for years offering interactive software services to other companies)

After a couple of months we were able to get some government funding to finish Run Postman Run and make the game we always had wanted, so we immediately hired some fresh blood and begun to explore more ideas for the game.

At that moment there was a huge creative shift in programming, design and gameplay. The first big change was shifting the 2D library we were working on for programming the game for a game engine, we already had some experience with unity so we decided to use it.

Choosing Unity gave us the possibility of using 3D models and animations, so the new team was able to explore new directions.


We decided to ditch the idea of an overweight and unathletic postman and looked for a completely different approach. We wanted a ninja like postman running and jumping with ease in a steampunk city. We also discarded the different ages concept and placed the game in a more specific time and region: a victorian setting with steampunk technology.



Out of these study our postman was born, he was young, able to move swiftly through a complex city and had an awesome attitude.


Hope you enjoyed, The gallery below has a lot more images. Please let us know what you think about this post. Continue reading


The dog: a postman’s natural enemy

What’s a game without antagonists? Usually a not very fun one. In Run Postman Run there are no villains, but certainly there are enemies and threats to our protagonist’s physical integrity. and as we all know since it’s something we’ve been taught since we’re kids, the natural enemy of a postman is the dog.

Meet the different kinds of dogs you will encounter as you journey through the city to fulfill your duty as a postman.



Not very strong, or fast, or smart…. or anything, so it’s really not much of a threat, but can be very dangerous because he may get to you unnoticed because of his size. Watch out for small hordes of this dog, one by alone may not be a serious danger, but 4 or 5 of these little buggers chasing you can endanger the life of even the most skilled postmen.


Great Dane

A huge specimen, though not really dangerous. Be wary though, as you won’t be able to jump over them as easily as over other dogs. Fortunately you will see them immediately because of his size. But if you let them reach you you’ll be in problems.



Strong as a bull and fast as a… small dog? It may be cute, but it can be dangerous if you let them surround you. It’s very similar to the chihuahua in size and speed, though the bulldog will hurt you a lot more if you let them get close.


Jack Russell

Aawh, who doesn’t love these cute dogs? I’ll tell you who: postmen. For everyone else, Jack Russells easily stand among the most awesome dogs ever. This little fella is cute, smart and agile. They may be not as strong as other dogs, but their velocity and cunning will make them really dangerous for you.


Bull Terrier

Fast, strong, agile and smart. You don’t want to cross his path, just don’t do it. It’s the best way to preserve your life. If you really need to get close to these dogs you should check your equipment.



Run as fast as you can. Don’t think. Don’t analyze the situation. Just run for your precious life. Avoid wolfs at all costs if you want to live. If you don’t run from a wolf and survive you deserve a medal. And maybe a new arm.

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What is Run Postman Run?

If you ever wanted to play a game about a postman with awesome abilities delivering letters in a steam punk city and running away from vicious dogs and use non lethal weaponry to distract them, we got you covered!

Run Postman Run is the latest game from Bob Games, it’s a platformer where you play as a postman whose duty is to deliver letters. It’s not an easy task since the delivery routes can be very intricate and full of dangers, fortunately, the postman office provides you with the latest letter delivery technology.

This technology includes non-lethal weaponry and support equipment specifically built to survive in a city full of ferocious dogs. As you advance through the delivery routes and become a more skilled postman you will be able to use a tranquilizer gun, a grappler gun, teleporters, smoke bombs, and other awesome stuff, including a cat thrower you can use to distract the dogs chasing you.

The objective of the game is simple: reach the post car without dying. But if you want to access more routes you may have to return and complete challenges like deliver all letters in the route or find the exit before a given time.

Run Postman will be available on iOS and Android devices very soon! In the meantime, you can check some screenshots in the gallery below:

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Play Station returns with a vintage design


And say “vintage” look like much for a device that was released 20 years ago, which makes some of us remember the moment when it entered the market to compete against an indisputable giant of the time as it was Nintendo.

Sony knows the cultural and symbolic value of the console, and so they will be selling 12.300 units of the memorial, which it shares with the original its gray tone, very similar controls and logo of the brand, but it will have contemporary elements as the Dualshock 4 and the camera. Hasn’t defined how many units would come to Latin America yet.


Created by Sony in 1994, the console was designed to ensure the success and stay of Japanese technology giant in an electronics market in so far didn’t participate: videogames. For this, the PS premiered several advances that eventually become the norm for these devices, as was the case of using the cd as a format for storing content, rather than the more traditional and expensive cartridges.

It also offered an advantage that gamers the world thanked: the ability to save the development of their games in its internal memory, allowing them to save for posterity the best plays, or being able to face lengthy stories that would be unreachable due to its extension, if it wouldn’t be available.

The PS shared his presence for a while with later versions of the model, its successor the Play Station 2 and Nintendo itself competing (Game Cube) and Microsoft (X-Box) to be withdrawn in 2004. In his 10 year period, the Play Station were sold about 104 million units, and several classics were created under his classic brand, like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy or Pro Evolution Soccer.

Google is a box full of surprises


For many of us search in Google has become a must, the most comprehensive and accessible library, the repository of the knowledge –deep and trivial-.of the world.

However it is not a secret the playfulness of the giant of Silicon Valley, permeating since the publication of funny Doodles on special dates until the style of the workspaces of their offices, popular for being designed to encourage creativity of its staff.

So it is not surprising that occasionally some Easter Eggs -or hidden features that are triggered when operating in a specific way – had been found in the system. Small mischief, left by programmers without affecting the operation of the search engine.

Here is a list of how to play with Google while looking for some information:

Play Atari Breakout

If you enter and write in the search box “Atari Breakout”, you’ll see images that will appear as results become traditional blocks Breakout game published by Atari in 1976. You can also play.

Prevents that O from Google eats the screen

Enter the Google search engine and type in “Zerg Rush”. You will see the letters O from Google falling from the edge of the screen and eat your search results unless you shoot them several times with the mouse.

Tilt the screen …

From the Google search engine type in “Askew” and watch the screen is twisted a little.

… Or spin it

Now go back to Google and type in “do a barrel roll” and then hit Enter. The screen rotates on its axis back to its initial position.

Find the answer to life

Search in Google “answer of life the universe and everything” and it will answer 42. Rather than a real answer, is the reference to one of the classic science fiction novel The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, where the answer to this important question is this number, so that programmers gave a gift to the staunchest followers of the book.

Meet Google drink that changes your brain chemistry

If you want the URL “” you will see an advertising of a drink developed in Google and whose properties includes extending the cognitive capacity of your cerebral cortex. It’s obviously a joke.