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Play Station returns with a vintage design


And say “vintage” look like much for a device that was released 20 years ago, which makes some of us remember the moment when it entered the market to compete against an indisputable giant of the time as it was Nintendo.

Sony knows the cultural and symbolic value of the console, and so they will be selling 12.300 units of the memorial, which it shares with the original its gray tone, very similar controls and logo of the brand, but it will have contemporary elements as the Dualshock 4 and the camera. Hasn’t defined how many units would come to Latin America yet.


Created by Sony in 1994, the console was designed to ensure the success and stay of Japanese technology giant in an electronics market in so far didn’t participate: videogames. For this, the PS premiered several advances that eventually become the norm for these devices, as was the case of using the cd as a format for storing content, rather than the more traditional and expensive cartridges.

It also offered an advantage that gamers the world thanked: the ability to save the development of their games in its internal memory, allowing them to save for posterity the best plays, or being able to face lengthy stories that would be unreachable due to its extension, if it wouldn’t be available.

The PS shared his presence for a while with later versions of the model, its successor the Play Station 2 and Nintendo itself competing (Game Cube) and Microsoft (X-Box) to be withdrawn in 2004. In his 10 year period, the Play Station were sold about 104 million units, and several classics were created under his classic brand, like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy or Pro Evolution Soccer.