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We`re celebrating –well, we`re keep celebrating- because from today in the Android store is free available Colormania 2015, a puzzle game and mind ability which will blow your mind. The link is this one.
The game was developed by the parent company of Bob Games, Ethereal GF and was traded successfully the last july with the spanish company Iberian Games Publisher.
For the purpose of this negotiation, Proexport –the agency of promotion of investment in Colombia- made us principal actors in its most recent press release, which is transcribed next:

Quindio Company launched a game for Android and Apple devices
Called Colormania 2015, a game of mental ability that seeks by color overlay reason to inertia of the brain. With the help of Proexport Colombia, is the first export of the company.

Bogotá, October 15. (pxp) - Its participation in the business conference organized Proexport Colombia “Colombia 3.0” meant the gateway to the first experience in the international market for The Ethereal Game Factory, a company dedicated to Armenia to develop games.

During the business meeting, the four developers who make part of the company met representatives of Iberian Games Publisher, Spanish company, and jointly agreed to launch a video game for iOS and Android platforms.

“This is ColorMania 2015, a game of mental skill in which through colors overlay seeks reason to inertia of the brain. Initially the application is available in English and Spanish, and is expected to add more languages in a future update”, said Carlos Beltran, CEO of the Colombian company.
The path of The Ethereal Game Factory began in 2004. At the beginning they had already identified in mobile games an opportunity to export. “When we were doing games for the cell phones at that time and worked for a purely local market as the best international organizations have licenses to develop”, added Beltran.
Since then they have expanded their portfolio, worked for the advertising industry and prepared to reach the international market. With support from Proexport Colombia participated in the Game Developers Conference in 2013 and 2014, an experience that helped them to adapt their offer to international demands.
“The Quindío is a region with export potential. In total we identified 73 companies that doesn’t export yet but offering products and services that the international market is demanding. Preparation is key and therefore we open spaces of constant training on specific opportunities and market requirements”, noted Maria Claudia Lacouture, president of Proexport Colombia.
The testimony of international buyers is a reflection of the potential identified by Proexport. “We have shown from the first day an overwhelming desire to publish, to learn new things in the development process and want to achieve great things with their company. When someone brings you that passion for their work, it is difficult to avoid it”, said Xosé Manuel Rey, executive director of the spanish company Iberia Games Publisher.
Rey and his company engaged in the publication and distribution of games to maximize their economic performance, and work closely with developers through the small business model for monetization through advertising.

“We are open to serve as a bridge between companies in the IT sector in Colombia and Europe. In fact, we were surprised the quality of many of the companies working in the ParqueSoft system and hope to enter into agreements with some of them to help them distribute their products and services abroad, “added King.
Already working with two national companies and is in negotiations with two others met at the business conference of Colombia 3.0.
“We will continue working with Colombian companies, for its rigor and seriousness, in combination with the ICT strategy of the country are turning Colombia into an exporter of products and services with high added value. We trust that Colombian companies have initiated an irreversible path towards excellence in service and product”, concluded the spanish.



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