From now we implore a film of MegaMan

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And we should not be the only ones. So the company Loot Crate commissioned a short film much like Nolan’s Batman styled, about this character born in 1987 in the bowels of Capcom, and who became one of the icons of video game console, reaching ten chapters of its adventures.

As you recall, the story begins with the creation by Dr. Light of six robots which would aim to serve humanity, so badly that developments falls into the hands of the evil Dr. Willy, his assistant, who robs them and the rescheduled as dangerous weapons for world domination. That’s when one of the non-stolen, named Rock, is redesigned to tackle them under the name MegaMan.

The production of this short film -with purely commercial purposes- is so impeccable that we suspect that in a few years he will jump to the big screen. It would not be surprising, many of the best stories of the film today arises from the comic books, a medium that suffered big disappointments in his first attempts to adapt the format of movies, but now they leads the trend.

Spoiler: don’t miss the appearance of another great icon of Capcom.



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