Google is a box full of surprises

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For many of us search in Google has become a must, the most comprehensive and accessible library, the repository of the knowledge –deep and trivial-.of the world.

However it is not a secret the playfulness of the giant of Silicon Valley, permeating since the publication of funny Doodles on special dates until the style of the workspaces of their offices, popular for being designed to encourage creativity of its staff.

So it is not surprising that occasionally some Easter Eggs -or hidden features that are triggered when operating in a specific way – had been found in the system. Small mischief, left by programmers without affecting the operation of the search engine.

Here is a list of how to play with Google while looking for some information:

Play Atari Breakout

If you enter and write in the search box “Atari Breakout”, you’ll see images that will appear as results become traditional blocks Breakout game published by Atari in 1976. You can also play.

Prevents that O from Google eats the screen

Enter the Google search engine and type in “Zerg Rush”. You will see the letters O from Google falling from the edge of the screen and eat your search results unless you shoot them several times with the mouse.

Tilt the screen …

From the Google search engine type in “Askew” and watch the screen is twisted a little.

… Or spin it

Now go back to Google and type in “do a barrel roll” and then hit Enter. The screen rotates on its axis back to its initial position.

Find the answer to life

Search in Google “answer of life the universe and everything” and it will answer 42. Rather than a real answer, is the reference to one of the classic science fiction novel The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, where the answer to this important question is this number, so that programmers gave a gift to the staunchest followers of the book.

Meet Google drink that changes your brain chemistry

If you want the URL “” you will see an advertising of a drink developed in Google and whose properties includes extending the cognitive capacity of your cerebral cortex. It’s obviously a joke.



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