Has born Bob Games, the spin off of Ethereal in charge of videogames for mobiles devices

Author: BobGames / Publish: 23/09/14 / Comments: 0


For the purpose to direct the activities of its work team to reach a significant participation in the segment of videogames, the colombian company based in Quindio, Ethereal GF launched its new commercial brand Bob Games, which advances in the building of several games for mobile devices that will be placed in the market before finish this year.

The robustness of its products is supported by Ethereal GF, company with 8 years in the market which it has dedicated to create solutions for several domestic and international businesses. This time of maturation has served for consolidate a team of work knowledgeable about technology and market trends.

With this background, the company has decided to expand its field of action for incubate Bob Games, the arm that will be responsible of create products for cell phones and tablets, which users will have access to through stores like Google Play Store for Android, iTunes for Apple or Windows Phone Store for who has this operating system in their devices.

The foray into this market brings new challenges for the company, faced with a global audience where geographical boundaries disappear, to take other important criteria such as operating systems, the computers on which these applications must run over all, the interests and preferences of your target audience.



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