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Comes back the battle for the heights

Bob Press – Manoville
Soon will begin the tournament most expected by the fans of combats, with the start of the IVDCCLIV Air Games of Manotas Community, an event that has been waited for five years after that his current champion and winner of six times in jousting , Otto Manotas, would decide to retire at the top of his career.
The fans are waiting in this edition, watch hot clashes among the most opted to inherit the crown. In a corner is Billy Manotas, who arrive preceded by his permanent triumphs in the lower divisions and has become in the favourite of the public for his controversial declarations about the rest of the players.

Another big surprise could be Sarah Manotas, who has received a wide popularity because her apparitions in the modeling world and be the friendly and pretty face of several sponsors. Breathing down on her neck could be Jenny Manotas, the golden girl of Air Games, and who was retired a couple of years for an injury that looks now like a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, you can´t ignore the presence of Johnny Manotas, the most strong contender and the symbol of roughness and speed. BM7 hasn’t won the award yet, but many presages that the luck may be in your side this year, due his strong training that makes him one of the most hard candidates for this millenarian championship.

To get the gold, the four contenders are working in their training with their pets, which has become in a lethal weapon for every of them and with what they aspire to make a name for themselves in the annals of this sport.

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