Masky is the winner of Best Videogame in Loop 2014

Author: BobGames / Publish: 6/11/14 / Comments: 0

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We love to receive incentives of this kind, especially when it comes to games … so new that we doesn’t launch yet! Loop 2014, the most traditional festival of animation and video games in Latin America recognized to Masky as the winner of Best Game of the Year, a category with participants from several countries.

The game follows the adventures of Masky, Mesky king’s heir, who in a fight with his enemy Maskon loses the sacred golden mask, divided into four parts worldwide. The protagonist must collect this powerful relic before falling into evil hands, but to get it he must find all the pieces of the magic keys that let him move between levels, facing wild animals and unexpected threats.

The exuberant graphics of Masky -which reproduces the wealth of natural habitats such as rainforests, the Egyptian desert or the Arctic polar circle-, along with the game modes, the animation of characters and the concept of history conquered judges of this, its sixth annual meeting, which has positioned itself as one of the leaders in this line of entertainment.

Masky is available for iOS and Android between this December and January 2015.



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