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A long time ago, the battle between beloved king Mesky and the dark sorcerer Maskon resulted in the king’s legendary golden mask being broken in four pieces. Now the world struggles in the darkness waiting for a new leader.

As Masky, a king Mesky’s descendant and adventurer, your task is to set in a relic quest to recover the four pieces of the golden mask and be the king the world needs.

Run and jump in your platform 2D relic quest game in different world locations to recover the lost mask. Journey to the Kunga jungle, reach the legendary heights of Gown-Chi mountains, travel to the freezing lands to the north of the lost kingdom and conquer the desolate sands of the eternal desert of Khair.

The quest won’t be easy, but the world needs the golden mask, the world needs a new king, the world needs you.



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