Run Postman Run: Evolving the concept – The Postman

Author: Oscar Darío Franco / Publish: 20/02/15 / Comments: 0
Run Postman Run: Evolving the concept – The Postman

We have been developing Run Postman Run for more than two years now and is a little weird to look back and see how the concept has evolved.

The original idea was simple: a game about a postman delivering letters while is chased by a dog, the art was aimed to be cartoony at the beginning of the production. This cartoony style survived for a few months.

This was the first character study for the game protagonist: the postman, we always pictured him as a non athletic dude running from a dog with huge effort:


Here you can see a more detailed study of one of the styles that better resonated with our concept and tastes, the postman moves for the game at that time were going to be running, jumping and rolling:


We also wanted to explore the concept of a postmen legacy, running from dogs for generations in different ages. So we started to explore the postman in a prehistoric and a futuristic age:



We finally decided for an unified design for the three ages. We wanted the game to look and feel like an 8 bit game, so we opted for a more pixelated option, and we changed the look of the postman to make the animation process easier and more effective, besides, when he was rolling, he was supposed to fit into smaller places so we decide to not to use the spherical design and chose a more humanly shape.


After advancing so much, we had to halt the development because of money issues and other client related stuff we had committed to do (we have survived for years offering interactive software services to other companies)

After a couple of months we were able to get some government funding to finish Run Postman Run and make the game we always had wanted, so we immediately hired some fresh blood and begun to explore more ideas for the game.

At that moment there was a huge creative shift in programming, design and gameplay. The first big change was shifting the 2D library we were working on for programming the game for a game engine, we already had some experience with unity so we decided to use it.

Choosing Unity gave us the possibility of using 3D models and animations, so the new team was able to explore new directions.


We decided to ditch the idea of an overweight and unathletic postman and looked for a completely different approach. We wanted a ninja like postman running and jumping with ease in a steampunk city. We also discarded the different ages concept and placed the game in a more specific time and region: a victorian setting with steampunk technology.



Out of these study our postman was born, he was young, able to move swiftly through a complex city and had an awesome attitude.


Hope you enjoyed, The gallery below has a lot more images. Please let us know what you think about this post.

Run Postman Run is right now on Steam greenlight! Help us get there:



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