Run Postman Run: Weapons and abilities

Author: Oscar Darío Franco / Publish: 26/02/15 / Comments: 0
Run Postman Run: Weapons and abilities

As a Postman in the universe of our game, it’s necessary to face terrible threats to fulfill your duty. While most of this threats will be the vicious dogs chasing you to get a piece of you, they won’t be the only ones.

The city where you work is a big and complex one, you’ll have to jump your way through huge buildings, floating neighborhoods, hot-air balloons, zeppelins and more; a bad jump and you’ll find yourself falling directly to the floor. A postman job is certainly a dangerous one.

But not all is lost, the postmen agency will equip you with the latest technology to make your life easier, or at least less difficult. These is the abilities and equipment you’ll be able to use once you unlock them:


Abilities are special movements you will learn and that will be available at any moment. Some of them spend stamina after being used.

The stamina will recharge by itself when you stand still.




This ability will push you further to gain advantage over your persecutors. Watch out your stamina.


Double jump


One of my favorites, and will undoubtedly be one of your favorites too. As the name suggests, it will allow you to make a second jump in midair. This ability uses stamina, so be careful.


Wire hanging


This ability will let you use wires on some levels as a mean of transportation. Dogs won’t be able to follow you.


Cat grabbing


There’s only one thing dogs hate even more than postmen, and that is a cat. You can take advantage of this by grabbing a cat and throw it backward when running past one of them in some routes. Of course, you first need to unlock this ability.


Power dash


This ability will allow you to break some walls using the Dash ability on them. That simple.



As a postman, you can use devices to make your duty easier. These devices can be non-lethal weapons to distract or sleep dogs or support equipment like a teleporter.

Ammunition for these devices are available on sale at agency’s offices or in the red phone booths located through the routes.

You can have two devices equipped at the same time, you can change the equipment from inside a phone booth or outside a route.


Portable CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)


A lot of postmen have died fulfilling their duty in this city. That’s why the agency created the portable CPR, this item will give electric shocks to your chest until your heart starts beating again.


Cat thrower


Somehow the agency found a way to safely keep some cats contained until needed by the postman to distract dogs. This equipment will throw a cat forward and will make most dogs to chase it.

You can buy additional cats or you can collect them with the Cat grabbing ability.


Tranquilizer gun


The quintessential equipment for today’s postmen. Will allow you to sleep a dog and will give you time to escape unharmed.


Grappler gun


This equipment will make you feel like a real ninja. You’ll be able to use hooks in the routes to access high places.


Smoke bomb


Used by japanese postmen for centuries, this equipment will create a smoke cloud that will distract your enemies.


Sleeping bomb


This equipment will create a cloud that will make asleep every dog that breaths it.




Inspired by arabian tales, this flute generates sound waves that makes dogs sleepy. Similar to the effect of math teachers speech on children. It may look like magic, but it isn’t. It’s science!




To use this equipment you’ll have to leave a beacon somewhere on the route, when you use it again you’ll be transported immediately to the beacon location.

This device will create an exact copy of the actual you and will painfully eliminate the old one. The best part is that you won’t notice it at all!




With this device equipped you will be invisible to most dogs. The most intelligent may notice you because of your scent. A bit late to realize you needed a shower.

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