Some learnings about the stumbling of Apple and U2

Author: BobGames / Publish: 19/09/14 / Comments: 0


Undoubtedly the ubiquity of mobile apps and games is very attractive to promote products or services; the advertiser reaches you like user no matter the moment or the place. And from these first experiences we´re begining to learn about a field about what we barely know.

Maybe one of the most commented cases this week must be the stumbling of Apple and the band U2, which installed in an arbitrary way the new discographic production of the irish ones in the devices of the brand around the world. A gamble, if one takes in consideration also that the owners of the devices couldn´t uninstall it. This generated a wave of global discontent, with users who has demanded to Apple to eliminate the file -which came into its mobile devices in an invasive way like a virus-, and forcing to the manufacturer to provide a solution to uninstall what the company gave for free.

The case will stay like an anecdote in the history, but from Bob Games we keep two reflections: the first one, the user is who rules in today digital market. The times when the consumer bought everything what offered them are finished, because the big amount and variety of choices that allows them to customize his content in accordance with his own interests and not with the market ones.
The second, undoubtedly U2 is suffering a fall in its popularity, which took it to the top of the charts nearly three decades. And if the product is no longer selling, nor the best digital marketing strategy will works, even with the background of the technology giant.



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