The democratisation is already a trend in the mobiles market

Author: BobGames / Publish: 15/10/14 / Comments: 0  -  Reuters – Reuters

Who would believe it. One of the words that defines the current focus of companies related with internet is “Democratisation”. The idea –pulled for philantrophic interests or for a simple market potential- belongs now to the common denominator of the developers of technology, governments and private companies through its foundations, which start to participate of mixed models to increase the coverage of the web.

With the introduction of mobiles and the escalating demand of solutions for these devices, the need to take data until the user is was expanded to this market niche. But, just like the fixed access, one of the major barrier for this objective lies in the cost of the equipments.

That’s the reason of the seeking of cheaper choices of production that ensures a wider coverage. A few time ago we knew the efforts of Google to provide a cell phone with a price under USD105, in a race in which Mozilla has come before  with its open source model.

The tangible example is brought it to us by Mauricio Jaramillo, who in his blog -highly recommended- refers to Alcatel One Touch Fire, with operative system Firefox OS, data processor of 1,3 GHz and access to 3G networks.

But the element underlined for the journalist as the most important is the capacity to read apps based on HTML5, which means that “this system doesn´t apply the restrictions and rules of iOS, Android or Windows Phone, which imposes its conditions to the users, developers and manufacturers”.

It remains to be seen where the apps and games industry moves to, because if the users of this kind of cell phones could have less affordability –inferred by the price of the phone- we are talking about giant emerging markets unexplored until now. Even a gold mine for the developers?



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