The dog: a postman’s natural enemy

Author: Oscar Darío Franco / Publish: 18/02/15 / Comments: 0
The dog: a postman’s natural enemy

What’s a game without antagonists? Usually a not very fun one. In Run Postman Run there are no villains, but certainly there are enemies and threats to our protagonist’s physical integrity. and as we all know since it’s something we’ve been taught since we’re kids, the natural enemy of a postman is the dog.

Meet the different kinds of dogs you will encounter as you journey through the city to fulfill your duty as a postman.



Not very strong, or fast, or smart…. or anything, so it’s really not much of a threat, but can be very dangerous because he may get to you unnoticed because of his size. Watch out for small hordes of this dog, one by alone may not be a serious danger, but 4 or 5 of these little buggers chasing you can endanger the life of even the most skilled postmen.


Great Dane

A huge specimen, though not really dangerous. Be wary though, as you won’t be able to jump over them as easily as over other dogs. Fortunately you will see them immediately because of his size. But if you let them reach you you’ll be in problems.



Strong as a bull and fast as a… small dog? It may be cute, but it can be dangerous if you let them surround you. It’s very similar to the chihuahua in size and speed, though the bulldog will hurt you a lot more if you let them get close.


Jack Russell

Aawh, who doesn’t love these cute dogs? I’ll tell you who: postmen. For everyone else, Jack Russells easily stand among the most awesome dogs ever. This little fella is cute, smart and agile. They may be not as strong as other dogs, but their velocity and cunning will make them really dangerous for you.


Bull Terrier

Fast, strong, agile and smart. You don’t want to cross his path, just don’t do it. It’s the best way to preserve your life. If you really need to get close to these dogs you should check your equipment.



Run as fast as you can. Don’t think. Don’t analyze the situation. Just run for your precious life. Avoid wolfs at all costs if you want to live. If you don’t run from a wolf and survive you deserve a medal. And maybe a new arm.

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