The end of Nokia phones

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Today we have to recognize a giant cell we’ll miss: Nokia. The brand disappears determination of Microsoft, a company acquired in 2011 through its mobile division.

The finnish firm, -which until recently was considered the largest manufacturer of these devices-left a strong legacy in several ways, including some that have nothing to do with the cell phone. Created in 1864 on the banks of the river Nokia, initially dedicated to the production of paper pulp, at which time it began to be used the traditional logo to appear in all its products.

In the early twentieth century the business had diversified sectors such as rubber and in 1967 the paper, rubber and wiring as the three branches of the company were established, the latter quite profitable to become the main supplier of the former Union Soviet.

At the time of the “Iron Curtain” was when he began to enter in electronics, creating computers, monitors, televisions, communication equipment or modems, and the 80s had developed references as the first Mobile Network Telephone the Digital Telephone Exchange, Nokia Talkman (for vehicles) and Nokia Cityman. It was in 1992 when Nokia introduced which is considered the father of the GSM phones, the Nokia 1011.

The Nokia technology will continue to accompany us, but cell phones now will have the name Microsoft. Meanwhile the Finns remain dedicated to the industry of network equipment, smart stations, communication towers, cell, and most of the infrastructure required for cell phone service.



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