The Google Glass seems to be in limbo

Author: BobGames / Publish: 24/11/14 / Comments: 0


The Google Glass seems to have been left in limbo. That’s the perception of several tech sites which have expressed last week by noting some phenomena that would point to one of the flagship programs of the giant Silicon Valley have been abandoned even before being marketed.

This despite the fact that a few hours ago Google spokespeople have declared that the applications for the “wearable” were under development and that the device would be put on the market at the time when it was ready.

What were the warning signs? First, the Reuters report that indicated how 9 of 16 companies that had begun to produce developments for these items would have stopped publishing updates to them, suggesting that the efforts of each of the companies would be redirecting to other fields.

Secondly, it is known that the URL of risk investment fund “The Glass Collective”, -where even three key employees of Google would have injected capital for the development of technology-no longer connected to the internet page of it.

The third sign of the debacle is reflected in the closure of three stores dedicated to selling smart glasses and stood in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And finally, although the development team takes about two years working on them on the market, this is the time that estimated for its official release date is not known.

Although Facebook and stepped acquiring Occulus Rift -another prototype of smart glasses-looking its piece of the pie, signals that the commercial viability of the hardware seems to be at stake, although Google try to wear its “poker face” and projecting an image of confidence which however is not supported by specific marketing actions. We will wait and… see?



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