What is Run Postman Run?

Author: Oscar Darío Franco / Publish: 17/02/15 / Comments: 0
What is Run Postman Run?

If you ever wanted to play a game about a postman with awesome abilities delivering letters in a steam punk city and running away from vicious dogs and use non lethal weaponry to distract them, we got you covered!

Run Postman Run is the latest game from Bob Games, it’s a platformer where you play as a postman whose duty is to deliver letters. It’s not an easy task since the delivery routes can be very intricate and full of dangers, fortunately, the postman office provides you with the latest letter delivery technology.

This technology includes non-lethal weaponry and support equipment specifically built to survive in a city full of ferocious dogs. As you advance through the delivery routes and become a more skilled postman you will be able to use a tranquilizer gun, a grappler gun, teleporters, smoke bombs, and other awesome stuff, including a cat thrower you can use to distract the dogs chasing you.

The objective of the game is simple: reach the post car without dying. But if you want to access more routes you may have to return and complete challenges like deliver all letters in the route or find the exit before a given time.

Run Postman will be available on iOS and Android devices very soon! In the meantime, you can check some screenshots in the gallery below:

Run Postman Run is right now on Steam greenlight! Help us get there:



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