Who is the best villain in games history?

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How much we hate them. But how much we love them. Without villains is impossible to be a hero. The emotion (and a little of fear, we must recognize it) to face to the big bosses in every game is incomparable, even I must go to bathroom, eat something and sit down the most comfortable way I can the first time I arrive to this last station.

We made a little poll among the team of Bob Games , to know which is the villain who has made them lose the sleep. The best villain in videogames history. Or the worst, because exude evilness… do you catch it?

Mauricio Giraldo
Doctor Willy – Megaman 
“He’s very intelligent, and he commands an army of robots, which make a lot of obstacles to the hero. That makes him harder to beat him”

Óscar Dario Franco
Koopa – Mario Bros.
“He’s the most recognized. Mario is the most outstanding hero, and his enemy becomes in the most remembered villain”

Einer Zapata
Zeus – God of War
“Just because he treats to the hero like a crap”

Uka Uka – Crash Car
“I like a lot its design, is a different bad boy. Also he could appear in any place in a unexpected way”.

Carlos Beltrán
Darth Maul- The Phantom Menace
“Was hardest to beat it, I liked to fight against him”
Who do you think you be the best villain?



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