Your Smartphone can help you with your Halloween costume

Author: BobGames / Publish: 24/10/14 / Comments: 0


In a week we will be Halloween. And if you still do not find what to wear and you’re tired of the same boring outfits and want to surprise people at your party, you should consider the help of your Smartphone.

That same initiative had Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who also shares his profession with a taste for costume design, and had a simple idea as revolutionary: to integrate the capabilities of mobile devices with the costumes. Through its Morphsuits page, the entrepreneur sells its products, some of which are truly frightening.

However this does not inhibit you from using the creative animations of the application designed to give such illusions. So you can also download the free app for your Android or iOS phone and blend it with the suit of your choice. Why not be the life of the party … or better to say the spectrum?



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